Hi! I am Kirsten Miller I am a real estate agent and blogger. I’ve been doing real estate for years and I have extensive skills that I ¬†can share with other people regarding things related to real estate. My goal is to help people who would like to venture into real estate. By creating this blog posts, this will help them to jump start their career.

I started my career in real estate 10 years ago and it not a “walk in the park” at all. But like every successful real estate agent, you have to work you way up. I started following people that I know will help me develop my skills and mentor me to be a successful real estate agent. My blog will feature things that I have learned thru the years, things that I got from successful¬†people in the industry.

If you think that my blog post are helpful to your success or you have questions related to real estate please send me an email and ill be glad to answer you. Have a nice day.


Kirsten Miller

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